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The coming event:Performance in Toronto

11:15 - June 30, 2020

You are more than welcome to join this event. 

About Kathak Dance

Sukriti Sharma
Sukriti Sharma

Kathak is one of the main genres of ancient Indian classical dance and is traditionally regarded to have originated from the travelling bards of North India referred as Kathakars or storytellers. These Kathakars wandered around and communicated legendary stories via music, dance and songs quite like the early Greek theatre. The genre developed during the Bhakti movement, the trend of theistic devotion which evolved in medieval Hinduism. The Kathakars communicate stories through rhythmic foot movements, hand gestures, facial expressions and eye work. This performing art that incorporates legends from ancient mythology and great Indian epics, especially from the life of Lord Krishna became quite popular in the courts of North Indian kingdoms. Three specific forms of this genre that is three gharanas (schools), which mostly differ in emphasis given to footwork versus acting, are more famous namely, the Jaipur gharana, the Benaras gharana and the Lucknow gharana.

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Wearing a short blouse that reveals a toned midriff, a long flowing skirt and a sequinned belt tied low across the waist, the dancer takes centre stage. Adorned with an...

Indian dance does want to tell stories; but, ultimately, emotion and spirit is what all classical Indian dance cares deeply about.

Each ‘style’ (as in ‘Bharatanatyam’...

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07 Jun 2020 06:00

For all those folks who are social distancing during COVID-19 Pandemic, we are arranging online classes. Important tips and advice will be...

30 Jun 2020 11:15

You are more than welcome to join this event. 

14 Nov 2014 13:30

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  • "I have great experience working with Sukriti Kathak. The team is experienced and knowledgeable in what they are doing. Sukriti Sharma is a wonderful teacher and a very humble person." Quwat K. Sunny